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With an OMA system music is no longer just a soundtrack. It will make you look forward to being home and actually listening to music. Not as the background, but the real event. Only OMA’s unique technology brings you music this way.

Our products and design look different because they ARE different, in ways that you hear and not just see. Schedule a demo in our showrooms or call us to help you put music back in your life, the right way

OMA’s new SP10 Plinth System is a single sand casting of hypo eutectic or “grey” iron. Designed to accommodate both the new Technics SP10R motor unit as well as the earlier SP10 MK2 and 3 motor units, this plinth provides exceptional rigidity, mass, and vibration damping properties. The underside of the plinth features a spider web of cast chambers filled with a vibration damping polymer. The cast plinth is precision CNC machined to precisely fit the SP10 motor unit and removable armboards, which themselves are CNC machined from torrefied (thermally modified) Pennsylvania ash wood. Due to torrefaction, the wood is both extremely dimensionally stable and offers superior acoustic properties. Arm boards will accept virtually any tonearm with a spindle to pivot distance of 9″ to 12″ or longer. Arm boards can be exchanged in under a minute, allowing easy swapping of tonearms. The plinth’s feet are fitted with holes for 1/4″-20 hardware and is supplied with basic leveling feet. Available in clear lacquer or black powder coat finish. Shown with Schroeder CB long arm, 282mm effective length. Packages available with Schroeder arms, Soundsmith, EMT, Audio Technica or Ortofon cartridges.

Maximum dimensions- 26 1/8 x 20 3/8 x 4 1/8, weight approx. 110 lbs without motor unit.

Reference class turntable system with coreless direct drive motor and heavyweight platter for stable rotation. Featuring a separate control unit to suppress the effects of unwanted noise on the main unit.

This turntable supports not only LP (33 1/3 rpm) and EP (45 rpm) analogue records, but also SP (78 rpm). Rotation (rpm) can also be set down to two decimal places (maximum ±16%) from the control unit. The OLED display is also capable of displaying rotation with accuracy down to two decimal places, so the user can both hear and see extremely precise rotation.



Formerly built under license by Artemis Labs in California, the CB or Captive Bearing tonearms designed by Frank Schroeder are now built  by Schroeder in Berlin and Thrax. Unlike the unique magnetic bearing principle for which Schroder holds worldwide patents, the CB series of arms feature hybrid ceramic bearings of unprecedented low friction (2mg vertical, 3.5mg horizontal, the lowest measured friction of any traditional bearing arm.)With internal magnetic damping in the horizontal plane, the CB Tonearm has a calibrated center post to allow repeatable adjustment of VTA, adjustable azimuth and different headshell plates to allow adjustment of effective mass to couple with a wide range of cartridges. The arm wand is made of Ebony, Grenadil or Cocobolo to mate properly with cartridges of different mass and compliance, is highly polished and oil finished by hand.

The CB tonearms require 12 weeks or less lead time for delivery.

OMA’s new Model BA Schroeder Tonearm was a commission design by Frank from OMA. We wanted a simple, large arm harking back to the broadcast and studio tonearms of the 1950’s and 1960’s, a golden age for vinyl.

The arm is CNC milled from a single block of torrefied (thermally modified) Rock Maple hardwood. It features a unique, constrained unipivot design with a secondary bearing ensuring absolute stability, a problem with virtually all other unipivot designs. It is one of the only unipivots with true neutral balance, and a center of gravity at the pivot point. The effective mass is approximately 20g with the supplied removable Certal metal headshell plate, handling a range of cartridges with a mass of 8-20g and compliances between 4 and 12cu. Suitable additional counterweights can be supplied. A sliding weight for fine VTF adjustment is accessible from the top of the arm. The BA is ideal, in short, for most cartridges in the medium to heavy range, and one of the few arms made today perfect for use with vintage professional cartridges.

372mm overall length, 267.5mm spindle to pivot distance, 282mm effective length.

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