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With an OMA system music is no longer just a soundtrack. It will make you look forward to being home and actually listening to music. Not as the background, but the real event. Only OMA’s unique technology brings you music this way.

Our products and design look different because they ARE different, in ways that you hear and not just see. Schedule a demo in our showrooms or call us to help you put music back in your life, the right way

The OMA Mini is a unique two way horn based speaker with the performance of speakers much larger. The OMA Mini enclosure is a 14″ cube, and the speaker stands 57″ tall.

Our design goal was to achieve similar performance and the signature sound of our larger speakers, in a small package. The OMA Mini is a high efficiency speaker, at approx. 95db/1w/1m, and is 8ohm. You can use just about any amplifier with the OMA Mini, from low powered tube amplifiers to high powered solid state amps, as the OMA Mini uses professional drivers designed to handle a lot of power. These types of professional drivers offer far greater performance, and bullet proof reliability. Frequency response- 50hz-20Khz.

The Mini uses our proprietary conical horn, designed for the neodymium compression driver selected to achieve optimal performance, and is cast in aluminum for OMA by a foundry in Pennsylvania.

The woofer enclosure is crafted from solid Pennsylvania hardwoods: walnut, cherry, chestnut, ash, thermally modified ash and tiger maple are all available. We also offer dyed maple and ash. The finish is hand rubbed oil and wax.

The Mini uses a front ported design that mitigates room placement issues found with similar speakers (which port from the bottom or rear). This porting results in superb musical and overall response integrity.

The Mini, like all OMA loudspeakers, is constructed by hand in Pennsylvania. Its stands are constructed from solid .25 inch carbon or polished stainless steel, with the carbon steel powder coated in a variety of finishes, including black wrinkle, white semi gloss, and copper plate, as are the horns. You can mix and match stands and enclosures to your preference. Custom color, wood type and finish are available on request

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