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Curated audio

A lifetime passion for hi-fi and music combined with an extensive inside experience in the audio industry has given us a nose for the good stuff. The audio market is flooded with thousands of brands and products but few will actually deliver what you pay for. We simply ignore the bad and the ugly and don’t compromise on quality. We will also respect your budget, needs and the gear you already have and love.



The key to great sound is synergy: turning audio components into a system that plays music in an utterly convincing way. A system that will give you goosebumps or make you jump up and dance.


Peace of mind

When you invest in a high-quality audio system or components you not only expect superb sound but also reliability and outstanding support. We only sell products from companies that go all the way to make and keep you happy.


The HiFi studio

Located in a former artist’s atelier, part of a mid-century architectural house, you can listen in style and homely comfort to everything we have to offer. No sales pressure, you can take all the time you need. We love our customers!

Henk Catry
Karen Vandenberghe

SOUND ODYSSEY : hifi design studio


“No speakers” equals “no music”. Big or small, boxes, spheres, panels or horns, no matter what, we make sure your speakers of choice fit your room and make the music sing. Every speaker we select is capable of creating that magic sound you’re looking for.


We love all things analog. Not many things come close to that spine-tingling feeling you get when listening to music reproduced on a high quality analog audio system.  Enter a world of amazing sounding vinyl records, turntable mechanics, cartridge design, tube or transistor magic and beautiful sounding speakers.

warning: we’re sure that you will fall in love, and there is simply no way back.



Digital audio sources today can sound as good as the best in analog. We understand what makes or breaks digital audio equipment and online streaming. We also make it simple to use, for your instant and lasting satisfaction.



We have a unique curated selection of original handpicked titles on vinyl: timeless Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, and Electronica. Looking for the best-sounding pressing of your favorite music? Chances are we either have it or help you find the right ones at the right prices.



Today there’s an amazing amount of music titles at your disposal, instantly playable on your system. On-demand music streaming services like Tidal, Qobuz and Amazon offer hi-resolution music files. We have the best audio streamers available to fully unleash the potential that these services offer. Don’t want to give up your Spotify? We can make that sound great as well.



Playing CD’s or SACD’s on a high quality player is still a valid choice today. Besides the simplicity of operation, there is the sound quality that sometimes surpasses the best streaming solutions. Getting rid of noisy computers and networks instead of fighting them still yields excellent results.

Frederik Goossens - vinyl curator in residence

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