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First Watt F8 power amp


First Watt F8: Nelson Pass his beloved latest creation: 2×25 watt of the finest class A amplification with a wonderful personality.


Available on backorder

Originally created almost 6 years ago, the F8 is a stereo two-stage single-ended Class A amplifier using the NOS Toshiba 2SJ74 P channel Jfets and SemiSouth R100 SiC power Jfets for signal gain, plus IRFP240 Mosfet mu-follower current sources, for a total of three devices per channel.

It is similar to the J2 amplifier, but has only one front end transistor instead of six, operated as a current feedback amplifier (CFA) as opposed to the J2’s voltage feedback (VFA) differential input. This front end is more consistent with the single-ended approach to amplifier design and yields a purer second harmonic character, less distortion with lower negative feedback, greater bandwidth and higher damping factor.

The owner’s manual can be downloaded here: F8 Owner’s Manual

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