Pass Labs XA30.8


Pass Labs XA30.8

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Pass Labs XA30.8

An exceptional stereo power amplifier on many levels — high-biased MOSFETs providing higher-power class A operation, direct-coupled front-end circuitry for exceptionally high stability and larger, more robust heats sinks similar to those of the larger .8 amplifiers. The list goes on, but listening may tell you the XA30.8 represents a value high-point — quite possibly your particular optimal balance between performance and cost.

Technical specifications

Gain (dB)26
Power Output /ch (8 ohm)30
No Output devices (/ch)40
Power Consumption (Watts)400
Standby Power Consumption (Watts)<1
Number of Chassis1
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)19 x 21.25 x 7.5
Unit Weight (LBS)88

Awards & Reviews

HomeTheaterReview – Best of 2016 Award

“For me, listening to the XA30.8 is not unlike the first time I heard a really great stereo system; it is different, alive, and fantastic”
Positive Feedback

Writers’ Choice Award, 2015
Positive Feedback

“This would be my first exposure to the grown-up stuff of Pass Labs”

“The Pass Labs XA30.8 excelled at musical flow”

“A pure conduit for music you ask? It truly is, and you must go and listen”
Enjoy The Music

“It has everything you could ever want”
Home Theater HiFi

Another stunning review of the XA30.8, available in Tone Audio #78 page 182
Tone Audio

“You can sit for hours enjoying the tube-like, highly detailed musical nature of the XA30.8 with virtually no listening fatigue”
Home Theater Review

Audio Art magazine #369

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