Audio Technica AT33MONO


Audio Technica AT33MONO

Moving Coil Cartridge
AT33MONO Moving Coil Cartridge. Mono cartridge compatible with stereo playback systems, 10Ω middle impedance specification and PCOCC coil prevents crystal gain boundary formation.

Audio Technica AT33MONO


Moving Coil Cartridge

The AT33MONO is made specifically for use on mono systems. It has a horizontal coil, and so in principle only generates electricity horizontally.The AT33MONO produces sound to a very high quality because it does not easily pick up unnecessary strain components from distorted or scratched records, producing audio that you couldn’t possibly get from a stereo cartridge.The AT33MONO also has appropriate compliance in the vertical direction, so will not cause damage to stereo records. Enjoy those well-known classic mono records of yesteryear with the AT33MONO.

  • Mono cartridge compatible with stereo playback systems.
  • Elliptical stylus chip and hard duralumin cantilever.
  • 10O middle impedance specification.
  • PCOCC coil prevents crystal gain boundary formation (in transmission direction).
  • Strong body stabilized by a rigid body set-up.
  • “Hanenite” anti-vibration rubber eliminates unnecessary vibrations.
  • High-quality sound / Brass fastening screw.

*This model is not compatible with SP records.

“A True Mono Cartridge”

The AT33MONO cartridge only generates electrical signal with horizontal movement due to the horizontal configuration of the coil.

“Eliminates unnecessary vibration”

‘Hanenite’ anti-vibration high-damping rubber eliminates unnecessary vibration.

Internal wiring on AT33MONO featuring two horizontal voice coils, each voice coil terminations available independently.

Why So Many Styli Shapes?

The purpose of a stylus is to ride along the record groove capturing movement, which is then transferred into an electrical signal within the turntable cartridge. Audio-Technica produces styli in five different shapes (Conical, Elliptical, Microlinear, Shibata, and Special Line Contact) that make contact with the record groove and capture movement in different ways, creating unique sound characteristics.

Elliptical Styli

The elliptical stylus has two radii, the front radius being wider than the side radius. The front radius rides in the centre of the groove like the conical, while the smaller side radius makes more contact with the groove walls. Increased contact with the record groove walls delivers a higher level of fidelity for your sound system.


Cartridge & Stylus
Frequency Response20 – 20,000Hz
Channel Separation30dB (1kHz)
Vertical Tracking Angle23°
Vertical Tracking Force2.3 to 2.7 g (standard 2.5 g)
Recommended Load ImpedanceMore than 100Ω (when head amp connected)
Coil Impedance10Ω (1kHz)
DC Resistance10Ω
Coil Inductance28µH (1kHz)
Output Voltage0.35mV (1kHz and 5cm/sec. horizontal signal)
Output Channel Balance1.0dB (1kHz)
Stylus ShapeConical
CantileverDuralumin pipe
Static Compliance20×10-6cm/dyne
Dynamic Compliance6×10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
Mounting1/2″ Centers
Accessories IncludedNon-magnetic screwdriver x1, Washers x2, Protector x1, Cartridge fastening screw 13mm×2, 19mm×2, Nut x2, Brush x1, PCOCC lead set x1
Body MaterialAluminium/Synthetic Resin
Stylus Size0.65 mil

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