Analysis Plus Oval One Interconnects


Analysis Plus Oval One Interconnects

For audiophiles who don’t need XLR connections, we developed the superb-value Oval One Interconnect. It uses a braided signal conductor in our proprietary hollow oval design along with a braided outer shield mated to a true 75 ohm RCA connector with a low-loss dielectric.

Because Oval One is handmade using first-rate materials, it will outperform other cables costing many times more. The 100-percent shield coverage ensures the very low noise floor that’s essential to experiencing the entire dynamic range of symphonic music.

The RCA connection is solder-less, using a compression contact technique that spares the dielectric from damage that heat from soldering can cause. This technique also eliminates the poor signal transfer that results from a cold solder joint. Our fussiness adds to the cost of the cable, but the performance increase is worth the added care.

Analysis Plus Oval One Interconnects


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