Chord ShawlineX ARAY Analogue mini-jack-RCA cable


Chord ShawlineX ARAY Analogue mini-jack-RCA cable


Refinement and sophistication take centre stage. Hand built in UK with high-quality silver-plated conductors, XLPE insulation, complex layers of shielding and our unique ARAY geometry. A cable proven via hours of demo sessions with all manner of hi-fi equipment – so don’t think you won’t hear the benefit on an older system. The Shawline range boasts a dedicated tone arm cable, mini-jack options, HDMI AOC, power cables with multiple connector options, speaker cable and a variety of digital connections.

Chord ShawlineX ARAY Analogue mini-jack-RCA cable

Featuring ARAY conductor geometry and built to order, producing the best possible performance from all portable devices.

ShawlineX mini-jack cables are hand built, with precision, in the UK. ShawlineX RCA features the latest XLPE insulated, silver-plated conductors and a composite shield that works over a wide bandwidth.

2 RCA to mini-jack.
Mini-jack to 2 RCA.
Mini-jack to mini-jack.

Fitted with ChorAlloy™ plated Chord VEE3 RCA  and mini-jack plugs.

Available in standard 1m or custom lengths to order.



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