VOVOX sonorus protect A RCA


VOVOX sonorus protect A RCA

The VOVOX® sonorus protect A cable perfectly transmits the sensitive signals of an electric guitar, while also delivering the best results as an unbalanced line cable.
The unique construction and the use of high-grade materials produce a sound quality that is unheard of. Our best-seller-with every good reason.

VOVOX sonorus protect A RCA

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Standard lengths stereo pairs: 1.0 m, 1.5 m
Other lengths upon request

solid core conductors for signal and ground

conductors made of the purest available copper

natural fibers netting around every single conductor wire

capacitance of merely 75 pF/m

VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground

VOVOX® sonorus line cables are assembled with RCA plugs from KLE Innovations, a further development of the well-known “Bullet Plugs”. The principle behind these plugs complements the VOVOX® sound conductors perfectly. The contacts are made of silver-plated copper.

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