Chord C-stream digital streaming cable


Chord C-stream digital streaming cable

C-stream is part of the award-winning C-series range of analogue and digital connections including RCA/phono, USB, HDMI, power and speaker cable. The C-series has been designed in the UK by Chord Company to achieve the best sound and/or picture quality from your streaming media.

Chord C-stream digital streaming cable

  • High speed oxygen free copper conductors
  • Individually shielded, twisted conductor pairs plus overall shield
  • Low-loss low density polyethylene insulation
  • 24ct. gold-plated signal contacts
  • Over-moulded plug surround
  • Non-compression strain relief system

Available in 0.75m, 1.5m, 3m, 5m, 10m & 20m lengths

New slim connector version (designed for maximum compatibility) is now available in 1.5m lengths


This cable has been designed to carry high-quality sound data. To obtain the best results from this
cable, please follow these instructions:

  • Switch off all equipment before fitting or removing cables.
  • Avoid touching the contact areas of the plug.
  • Route the cable away from power cables.
  • Test for compatibility with the equipment you wish to connect before installing cable in walls, floors etc.


Look for a black dot on one of the RJ45 connectors. For best sound quality, the plug with the black dot should be connected to the source. If using the cable to connect an audio streamer to a router the plug with the black dot should be connected to the router.

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