iFi Audio Quasar


iFi Audio Quasar

Quasar is the power cable for those starting out on their journey into the exploration of the impact of mains upon their audio systems.

It is a truly geometrically balanced cable, designed for the starter audiophile.

The Quasar has no shielding to reduce the capacitors designed for high powered amplifiers.


iFi Audio Quasar


The Quasar brings elements of design from its big brother, the SupaQuasar.

It boasts iFi’s Ground Zero Design to create a central core free of any magnetic field. Combined with the shotgun ground, non-twisting and constant impedance, the Quasarachieves maximum protection from any magnetic field, and has nil induction voltage. This result is vastly reduced system noise.

The Quasar power cable is built with pure copper for excellent conductivity, impact resistant polymer casing for increased durability, and gold-plated pure copper connections for the best transmission possible.

All in all, the Quasar offers an exceptional sonic performance to price ratio. It is the perfect power cable for you as you build a most discerning but affordable system.



  • Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper
  • Polymer casing for lasting durability for excellent conductivity
  • Concurrent shield for each power line for minimization of internal and external RFI noise
  • Polymer matrix is unaffected by moisture, amorphous, dimensional accuracy, low dielectric constant
  • Air-dielectric delineator, best separation between balanced pairs of live and neutral
  • Shotgun ground line non-twisting design significantly reduces ground loop noise

Our Ground Zero design ensures the grounding conductor within the cable is unaffected by residual magnetism and unwanted induced voltage.

The constant impedance design helps to maintain the purity of the mains electricity flowing into each piece of equipment in an audio system or an AV set-up.

This is a true balanced power cable.

Using true geometrically balanced pairs means that the magnetic fields caused by the live and neutral conductors cancel each other out perfectly. This is a key component in the Ground Zero design.

Double circular helix power line design with air-dielectric delineators.

This twisted configuration further aids RFI/EMI rejection.

The cable design incorporates concurrent shielding for individual power lines and therefore creates a cable offering constant impedance, that is superbly insulated from EMI/RFI and feeds your audio or AV system with clean electricity for improved sound and performance.

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