Analysis Plus Clear Oval


Analysis Plus Clear Oval

The name says it all. Our Clear Oval Speaker is such a transparent cable, we’ve even made the outer jacket of clear PVC. Designed just like our highly-acclaimed Oval 12, but using 14 awg wire instead of 12 awg, Clear Oval offers much of the same performance but at a lower price.

It makes beautiful use of our proprietary hollow oval woven design in which every conductor wire is statistically as close to the return current as every other wire. The result is evenly distributed current density that adds up to better signal transfer than conventional solid-conductor cable designs. Clear Oval is handcrafted with special high-purity oxygen free copper combined with a computer-matched dielectric to give the best possible response.

It is factory terminated with crimped-on 1/4″-5/16″ gold-plated spade lug connectors or gold plated BFA style bananas. The difference between Clear Oval and other cables is clear. And so is the performance.

Analysis Plus Clear Oval


LENGTH (FEET)4, 6, 8, 10, 12
CONFIGURATIONClear Oval, Bi-Wire Clear Oval
CONNECTORBanana, Spade

Brandstraat 28
9255 Buggenhout

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