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Stax SR-L500 MKII Earspeaker


Stax SR-L500 MKII Earspeaker

Legendary electrostatic headphones for audio fanatics

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Stax SR-L500 MKII Earspeaker

The MK2 models have adopted the cable-exchangeable structure as well as the case holder made from aluminum aiming at user-friendliness and wearing comfort when listening to music.

Exchangeable cable structure
The exchangeable cable structure of recent trend for high-quality headphone has been employed. This enables the prospective correspondence to a high-definition cable, and the easy maintenance to sudden disconnection, thus improving the user-friendliness of earspeaker.

Case holder made from aluminum
The change of material has enabled the mechanism design with more high flexibility. In the MK2 models, changing the case holder design from conventional linear style into moderate curve form produces the e ect that ear pads t more naturally on both-sides-of-the-head part. Moreover, the curve form gives high rigidity and prevents from generating unnecessary distortion or twist at the time of wearing, resulting in the great improvement of t feeling. In an open-air type earspeaker, the degree rise of adhesion at the time of wearing greatly contributes to the improvement of low-frequency reproduction.


  • Fixed electrode: high precision etched electrode
  • Attached cable conductor: HiFC*
  • Ear pad: artificial leather (skin touching portion and surrounding portion)
  • Weight: 351g、479g (including cable)
  • Type: push-pull electrostatic sound element, open-air type enclosure
  • Sound element shape: oval
  • Frequency response: 7 – 41,000Hz
  • Electrostatic capacitance: 110pF
  • Impedance: 145k Ω
  • Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB
  • Bias voltage: 580V DC
  • Cable: parallel 6-strand, low-capacity wide cable
  • Cable length: 2.5m full length

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