Pass Labs XP-17


Pass Labs XP-17

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Pass Labs XP-17

XP17 uses the new-shielded low noise toroid and input filter module, like the XP-12. The power supply has an extra stage of RC filtering.  We have lower radiated and mechanical noise.

The XP17 has an all-new input circuit that is symmetrical and lower in noise and distortion with greater drive capability. Noise is the most prominent part of THD+N in the first section of a phono stage. By lowering noise we get better resolution and dynamics.

Designed with a split EQ network like the XP 25 and XS Phono that is more accurate and can handle greater signal levels.

The secondary stage runs a higher bias output stage with auto bias.

The numerous loading options from the XP-15 are all still available and three gain settings to accommodate low output MC to MM cartridges.

Technical specifications

Gain options56, 66, 76dB
RIAA responseplus/minus .1 dB 20-20 KHz
Power consumption40 watts
Number of chassis1
Dimensions, each chassis17”W x 12”D x 4”H
Weight (Lbs)19

Awards & Reviews

“Exceptional resolution and dynamics. Stringed instruments sounded divine with richness and fullness, not just details only for the sake of details–the natural timbre of those strings played the prominent role; they were brought to life. Exquisite.” Karl Sigman

“It is as richly colorful, as deeply emotionally communicative and as powerful as the recording that is played. Oh and it has the best bass that I have heard from a phono preamp so far.” Christiaan Punter

AudioArt #350 – Taiwan

An Audiophila STAR component

Product of the year – 2017

” It’s really rather difficult to think there are phono stages that eclipse the XP-17, because honestly, I don’t know how my vinyl playback system could sound any better.”
Positive Feedback / Gary Beard

Writers Choice Awards – 2018
Positive Feedback

Best of Award 2018

Enjoy the Music – Tom Lyle

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