Aurorasound AFE-12 step-up-transformer


The Aurorasound AFE-12 step-up-transformer for MC cartridges



1. Lundahl MC transformer
Transparent sound without coloration
Unaltered cartridge characteristics

2. Selectable cartridge loading for different cartridges, 3 positions
Low 0.7Ω –10Ω
Mid 11Ω –30Ω
High 31Ω –100Ω

You can easily change cartridge loading with a three-
position switch. Instead of the common winding tap
method, AFE-12 always uses 100% winding on both
primary and secondary sides. The signal energy is very
well preserved.

3. Small robust body, gold-plated terminals

Aurorasound-AFE-12 diagram

Lundahl Transformers

Lundahl Transformers of Sweden is a manufacturer specialized in production of transformers for professional audio & tube amplifiers.

Their products are characterized by:

1. Do not use conventional bobbins
2. Unique uncut amorphous cobalt core
3. Dual coil construction for increased immunity to
magnetic hum
4. Put it in a case and do not harden with resin
5. All manufacturing machines are developed in-house

Lundahl special winding technique, also called stick
winding, avoids the problem of barrel-shaped or anti-
barrel-shaped windings you get with multi-layer windings
in bobbins. With the stick winding technique, insulating
sheets are inserted between each layer of copper wire, for
reduced internal capacitance. The winding is always laid
out cleanly even after many layers. This allows for more
copper wire to be wound in a smaller volume, and results
in a superior frequency characteristic. The dual-coil
structure, also called hum-bucking structure, reduces the
sensitivity to external magnetic fields. The AFE-12 uses an
MC SUT in which many layers of an amorphous strip is
wound through the coils to form an uncut core, a
procedure unique for Lundahl Transformers. As a result,
the transformer has an efficient sound energy conversion
of micro level signals and an excellent frequency


Input : RCA, connect the wire from the player that equipes MC
Output : RCA, goes to MM input of phono stage amplifier
Cartridge impedance select : 3positions High / Low / Mid
Gain : 26dB, at low position
Frequency response : 20Hz ~ 50kHz, -3dB
Size : W70 x D30 x H95mm, 244g
Accessory : Small lubber foot

Brandstraat 28
9255 Buggenhout