Pass Labs INT-250


Like the INT-60, the INT-250 utilizes the synergies developed in the .8 series power amplifiers. Unlike the INT-60, however, it brings 250 watts per channel of listening pleasure. With higher power MOSFETs and more of them, the INT-250 drives large, demanding and relatively inefficient loudspeakers at higher volumes without batting an eyelash, singing beautifully. Just incredible music from one component.

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Technical specifications

Class AB
Type Stereo
Gain (dB) 30/36
Volume control (1dB steps) 63dB
Remote yes
Inputs 4
Outputs 2
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 250 Watt
Power Consumption (W) 450
Standby Power Consumption (W) <1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19 x 21.25 x 9.1
Weight (LBS) 105

Awards & Reviews

Editors Choice Award – 2017
The Absolute Sound

Best Performance of the year – 2017
Audio Art – Taiwan

Integrated Amplifier of the Year – 2016
The Absolute Sound

“The INT-250 also throws its prodigious weight around in the most unexpected and tender ways.”
The Absolute Sound

Brutus Award
Postive Feedback

“The Pass Labs INT-250 may just be the best integrated amplifier in the world.”
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity / Chris Groppi
Mr. Francisco del Pozo

Writers Choice Awards – 2018
Positive Feedback

Best of Award 2018

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