VOVOX excelsus power cable


Yes, power cords too, have an influence on sound quality. This is hard to believe and even harder to explain. But it nevertheless cannot be denied, once you have tried it. Often it is precisely this cable that transforms a good audio chain into a peak unit. A truly rewarding way to perfect high-end systems .



  • Studio  ✔✔
    Mastering  ✔✔
    Home  ✔✔
  • solid core conductor made of continuous cast copper
  • not shielded
  • complys with CE standards for max. power of 10 A /230V
  • Furutech connectors with rhodium plated contacts to be used exclusively for audio applications
  • VOVOX® excelsus power cords are assembled with high quality power plugs from Furutech. The contacts are made of rhodium-plated copper with European (SchuKo, CEE 7/7) power plugs.
  • Intended use: VOVOX® excelsus power cords are exclusively intended for stationary audio equipment in recording studios or for home HiFi systems. They shall not be used on stage or for mobile recording.