Teenage Engineering ortho remote


ortho remote is the wireless remote control designed for OB–4 and OD-11. with ortho remote you can adjust the volume, skip track and pause. the ortho remote features a magnetic back and a non-slip bottom.

ortho remote

ortho remote is the wireless remote control designed for OD-11 and OB–4. with ortho remote you adjust the volume, skip track and pause your music from any room, at up to 20 meters distance.

ortho remote has a magnetic back so you can stick it to any magnetic metal surface, like a fridge. the non-slip bottom makes it rest steady on any surface. experience real 1-click music.

over 2 year battery life

ortho remote uses Bluetooth® 4 low energy to communicate with OD-11 and OB–4. this in combination with 2 X AAA batteries makes it last over two years without the need to change batteries.

1-click music

ortho remote is created to simplify your music listening experience.pair ortho remote with your OD-11 and all it takes is 1 click for your favorite music to start playing.simply tap to start playing, turn the knob to adjust volume, double tap to skip track, and tap again while playing to pause. it’s as easy as that.no software or drivers needed.

MIDI controller

the ortho remote can be used as a wireless midi controller, to control logic, garage band or any other BLE-MIDI compatible software or devices.

works with iOS and android too

ortho remote follows the universal Bluetooth® standard for HID – human interface devices. this makes it work seamlessly with any music player on iOS, mac OS X and android.

technical specs

  • Bluetooth® 4 LE compatible
  •  iOS & android compatible
  •  over 2 years battery life
  •  BLE-MIDI compatible
  •  software and driver free
  •  dual neodynium magnets
  •  non-slip silicon bottom

dimensions in mm: 68 X 23 (W X H)dimensions in inch: 2.67 X 0.88inch (W X H)  weight: 104g / 0.23lbs

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