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Pass Labs HPA-1


Pass Labs HPA-1

The HPA-1 headphone amplifier was designed ground-up to become what we believe is one of the very best sounding headphone amplifiers available today. With low feedback, wide bandwidth and a direct coupled MOSFET output stage, this musical instrument drives even the most difficult headphone loads with ease, power and grace. The HPA-1 also functions as a line-level preamplifier that sonically rivals much higher-priced competition. The measured performance is superb and the sound even better.

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Pass Labs HPA-1

Technical specifications

Gain (dB)8 db
Frequency Response 10hz – 100k-1 dB
Output Power into 20 ohms3500 mW
THD + Noise< 0.005 at 1V out
Out Power into 300 ohms200 mW
Input Impedance50K Ohm
Output Impedance< 2 ohms
Power Consumption (Watts)23
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)11 x 13.5 x 4
Unit Weight (LBS)14

Awards & Reviews

“AudioQuest, and Master & Dynamic, JA declared that “in bass quality and authority, and in midrange transparency, the Pass Labs HPA-1 is without peer.””
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2022

“Also usable as a line-level preamp—it has a pair of single-ended RCA output jacks—the Pass Labs HPA-1 is a perfectionist-quality headphone amplifier that uses a MOSFET-based current-feedback amplifier to drive headphones ranging from 15 to 600 ohms.”
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2021

“To put it bluntly, Pass Labs HPA-1 is an exceptional, very addictive headamp/preamp combo every aficionado should at least audition once an opportunity strikes.”
HiFi Knights

” If I did not know that the HPA-1 was transistor-based, I would’ve been fooled: the HPA-1 had the natural warmth and slight fullness that mimic tubes.” ” In my view, headphone listening is about intimacy, and the HPA-1 is nearly perfect in this regard.”

“As far as headphones go, the HPA-1 is a brilliant amp which deserves every bit of praise I’ve thus far heaped on it.”
Part-Time Audiophile

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