Pass Labs XA100.8


Pass Labs XA100.8

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Pass Labs XA100.8

The middle sibling of the XA.8 series, the XA100.8’s realize a muscular yet highly refined sonic profile. Like all Pass Laboratory’s power amplifiers, they features both single-ended and balanced inputs, Furutech five-way binding posts and a convenient ground terminal for safe subwoofer connection. Improved constant-current sourcing, precise voltage references and current-feedback all represent new benchmarks in state-of-art amplifier design. The result is a larger, more realistic soundstage, sharper transient response and the prized ability to reach concert-hall dynamics and realism without strain.

Technical specifications

Gain (dB)26
Power Output /ch (8 ohm)100
No Output devices (/ch)56
Power Consumption (Watts)420
Standby Power Consumption (Watts)<1
Number of Chassis1
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)19 x 21.25 x 9
Unit Weight (LBS)99

Awards & Reviews

“They’re so versatile and rewarding that it would be hard to praise them enough.”
Part Time Audiophile

“It would be tragic if you pulled the trigger on another brand/model and then happened to hear what this magnificent beast can do”
Canada Hifi

“Ignite the imagination and accelerate your heart rate to thousands audiophiles worldwide”
Sound Rebels

Parttime audiophile Editors Choice
Parttime Audiophile

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