Audio Note TT Three Power Supplies

Audio Note TT Three Power Supplies

The new TT3 range of power supplies. Audio Note (UK) has concentrated a great deal of time and energy on developing a set of core fundamentals within the new TT3 PSU, in doing so delivering sheer musicality, believability and immediacy.


The power supply 1 offers an excellent level of musical engagement without compromise of the component quality. 0.5W Tantalum Resistors and Audio Note Electrolytic capacitors are used throughout. The special CODE, analogue modules and output stages are all coded, modelled and designed in-house.


The power supply 2 features improved local power supply regulation for the signal generator, improvements to the clock line and the output stage offering great improvements in refinement, tonal density, palette and definition over the power supply 1.


The power supply 3 is a unique product in every respect, achieving the best sonic results. A superior level of control is achieved by using a specifically designed analogue computer, unique analogue oscillators and fully discrete component design, from start to finish.

The discrete component output stage offers far more freedom to achieve a perfect balance both electronically and sonically achieving optimal damping and energy transfer.

Technical Specifications

Available finishes

Fascia – Anodised Aluminium or Black Acrylic


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