Audio Technica AT33EV


Audio Technica AT33EV

Moving Coil Cartridge
AT33EV Moving Coil Cartridge. Elliptical stylus chip and durable duralumin tapered pipe cantilever, Dramatically increased magnetism with neodymium magnets and PCOCC and High separation, wide-response dual moving coil. Hanenite anti-vibration rubber eliminates unwanted vibrations

Audio Technica AT33EV


Moving Coil Cartridge

The original model of this stereo cartridge is the AT33ANV, which was available as a special release to celebrate our 45th anniversary. The A33ANV was the first in the AN33 series to feature a Duralumin cantilever, which received wide acclaim for its sound quality. Retaining the basic specification, we present a further improved and evolved model.

The A33EV is a ½ inch, standard mount 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical cartridge featuring a tapered Duralumin cantilever which reduces the effective mass of the cartridge, resulting in a more durable cantilever. The Dual Moving Coil cartridge design increases channel separation and extends the frequency response range delivering extraordinary audio quality. Internally constructed with a neodymium magnet enhances magnetic energy and PCOCC wire for pure audio transmission.

  • Elliptical stylus chip and durable duralumin tapered pipe cantilever
  • 10O mid impedance specifications
  • Dramatically increased magnetism with neodymium magnets and PCOCC as the coil
  • High separation, wide-response dual moving coil
  • VC Mold eliminates unnecessary vibrations
  • “Hanenite” anti-vibration rubber eliminates unwanted vibrations

“Minimises unnecessary vibration”

‘Hanenite’ is used in the housing interior and the cantilever fulcrum support to minimize unnecessary vibration, to allow the outstanding basic performance of the dual moving coil to fully express itself.

“Ability to richly reproduce sounds”

Elliptical stylus chip, embedded into a hard duralumin tapered pipe cantilever, has the ability to richly reproduce sounds in the medium and low ranges. With its outstanding machine strength, the duralumin cantilever is tough enough for the job and produces natural sounds without distortion.

Why So Many Styli Shapes?

The purpose of a stylus is to ride along the record groove capturing movement, which is then transferred into an electrical signal within the turntable cartridge. Audio-Technica produces styli in five different shapes (Conical, Elliptical, Microlinear, Shibata, and Special Line Contact) that make contact with the record groove and capture movement in different ways, creating unique sound characteristics.

Elliptical Styli

The elliptical stylus has two radii, the front radius being wider than the side radius. The front radius rides in the centre of the groove like the conical, while the smaller side radius makes more contact with the groove walls. Increased contact with the record groove walls delivers a higher level of fidelity for your sound system.


Cartridge & Stylus
Frequency Response15 – 50,000Hz
Channel Separation30dB (1kHz)
Vertical Tracking Angle23°
Vertical Tracking Force1.8 to 2.2 g (standard 2.0 g)
Stylus ConstructionNude Square Shank
Recommended Load ImpedanceMore than 100Ω (when head amp connected)
Coil Impedance10Ω (1kHz)
DC Resistance10Ω
Coil Inductance22µH (1kHz)
Output Voltage0.3mV (1kHz and 3.54cm/sec.)
Output Channel Balance0.5dB (1kHz)
Stylus ShapeElliptical
Static Compliance40×10-6cm/dyne
Dynamic Compliance10×10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
Mounting1/2″ Centers
Accessories IncludedNon-magnetic screwdriver × 1, Washer × 2, Protector × 1, Cartridge installation screws 13 mm × 2 and 19 mm × 2, Nut × 2, Brush × 1, PCOCC lead set × 1
Body MaterialAluminium/Synthetic Resin
Stylus Curvature Radius0.3 x 0.7 mil
Terminal PinsBrass
TypeDual Moving Coil

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