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iFi Audio xDSD Gryphon case


xDSD Gryphon case

Protect the beast!

Our stylish cover is the perfect fit for your xDSD Gryphon Bluetooth DAC/amp.

iFi Audio xDSD Gryphon case

Fits like a glove.

The xDSD Gryphon case is the must-have accessory for your favourite Bluetooth DAC/amp, the xDSD Gryphon.

Whether you are an executive on-the-go, long distance traveller, or audio enthusiast, this close fitting case is designed especially by iFi to protect your xDSD Gryphon at home or on the move.

It fits your favourite Bluetooth DAC/amp like a glove.

xDSD Gryphon Case from iFi audio
xDSD Gryphon Case from iFi audio
xDSD Gryphon Case from iFi audio

Stylish. Practical.

The xDSD Gryphon case provides close fitting, stylish, soft touch protection in gorgeous Dove Grey faux suede.

The informative LED display is covered by a crystal clear, protective screen. 

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