DS Audio DS-E3


DS Audio DS-E3 optical cartridge and phono equalizer

Truly beyond price.
The DS-E3 is a revolutionary technology in historic record reproduction.

available in june

“The game changer”

Details Cartridge

Uses a third-generation optical cartridge mechanism

DS Audio DS-E3 optical cartridge

The DS-E3 uses a third-generation optical cartridge mechanism, the same design as our other products.

The DS Audio DS-E3 achieves an overwhelmingly low price while inheriting the merits of the third-generation mechanism, such as higher output due to independent LED and PD, improved channel separation, and the use of a beryllium light shielding plate.


New Amplification and Power Supply Circuits

DS Audio DS-E3 phono equalizer

In the DS-E3 equalizer, the amplification circuit has been made symmetrical, and the voltage supplied to the cartridge has been stabilised to achieve a clearer and faster sound.

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