The STST Motus DQ II  is a suspended sub-chassis direct drive turntable. Exceptional performance and build quality.

A perfect match with the Schröder CB tonearm or the STST Vertex tonearm. Price without tonearm.

The Motus DQ II  is a suspended sub-chassis turntable. Its 50 mm platter made of highly damping special polymer runs on a maintenance-free and inverted platter bearing. All adjustments of the spring base and the tonearm base are made via secured collets on the turntable. Loosening or adjustment is therefore not possible, nor is wear or overstretching of the springs. The tonearm base can be balanced by a counterweight on the opposite side. The center of gravity of the entire spring system is thus always in the center of the platter axis.
Equipment gimmicks are superfluous for a precise reproduction of your music, the technology should only be a “means to an end”. Carefully selected components, materials and raw materials meet the highest quality standards.
We know of no other manufacturer that has such a depth of production. Every part of the products, whether motor or frame, is manufactured by Stefan Strohmetz himself. A closer look into the inner workings reveals absolute perfection. To equip this turntable with different tonearms is really fun. Whether Frank Schöder, Sorane, Schick Liebenthal or the proprietary Vertex tonearm from stst – all work splendidly with this turntable.


STST is a German Hi-Fi manufacturer which was founded by Stefan Strohmetz in 1985. They make two turntables called Motus and Motus II. These utilize an in house designed direct drive motor. The Motus is a ‘fixed’ design whereas the Motus II has the motor & tonearm base mounted on a separate sub-chassis which is carried on a fully sprung suspension system.

Both models can be supplied in a variety of wood veneered plinths with a choice of matching or contrasting top plates. Each is supplied with a separate small power supply which feeds 18V to the turntable. On board electronics then make 33.33 and 45 RPM available via a small switch located beneath the front edge of the plinth. The turntables come with a 10 year guarantee.

STST also manufactures a tonearm called Vertex which is available at 9, 10 or 12” length. The Motus turntable can be supplied in a larger plinth in order to accommodate 12” tonearms.  Motus II is generally supplied to take 9 and 10” tonearms.


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